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General Counsel oath seeks to promote ‘positive’ change

first_imgOne of the GC Oath logo designsEvents in the UK and US, and Black Lives Matter have ‘reawakened’ the importance of diversity and inclusion, which should be at the forefront of GCs’ key activities and focus areas, Zinger said.He acknowledged that the oath will be difficult to enforce but ‘we have to [trust] that people take this seriously within their daily lives, practices and behaviours’.The oath will officially launch on 1 September. A London-based general counsel for a communications company has created an oath which he hopes GCs will sign up to as part of a global effort to bring about positive change.The General Counsel Oath comprises commitments in relation to: professional responsibility and ethics; leadership, diversity and inclusion; social impact and pro bono; internal clients; external parties, and personal behaviour.For instance, GCs pledge to be alert to acts of prejudice, discrimination, exclusion or micro-aggression in the legal team or wider organisation, take a zero tolerance approach to bullying, encourage the in-house team to do pro bono work, and be a role model.The oath was created by Simon Zinger, group general counsel at Dentsu Aegis Network, a global marketing services group headquartered in London. In-house chief Simon Zinger says GCs are in a position to contribute more than legal services and adviceHe has set up a dedicated website which carries the full text of the oath. He says on the website that aside from oaths taken upon bar membership or admission to practise before certain courts, ‘there is no consistent universal foundation to establish a commitment towards both personal excellence and positive societal impact’.He has also created various logo designs for the General Counsel Oath, which he suggests could be added to email footers or LinkedIn profiles.Zinger told the Gazette: ‘With diversity and inclusion we talk about power and privilege. We as GCs are in a position of power. What are we actually doing about it? We have to be prepared to say that this is more than providing legal services and advice. There has to be more we have to contribute.’last_img read more

EIFF2019: Balance, Not Symmetry review

first_imgIf you’re interested in this film because of the Biffy Clyro soundtrack, might I suggest that you just buy the album, and save yourself the disappointment of actually watching the film. Directed by prolific filmmaker Jamie Adams, and co-written by Adams and Biffy Clyro front-man Simon Neil, Balance, Not Symmetry arrived at EIFF this year with strong word of mouth (so much so we named it as one of our 15 must see films) but I’m sad to say it amounts to nothing more than a vanity project.The film tells the story of Caitlin (Laura Harrier), a student at Glasgow School of Art, who is struggling to come to terms with the recent death of her father. Over the course of the film she uses her art as a way to process her grief, as well as all the other complications and emotions in her life. That’s it. But with lots of Biffy Clyro music playing loudly and intrusively on the soundtrack.Look, I’m fully willing to acknowledge that this film is not aimed at me, and that is fine. But I would argue that anyone who isn’t a fan of either a) Biffy Clyro, or b) art students moping around Glasgow in slow motion, is also going to struggle with this film. I found the whole thing to be exasperatingly amateurish, so much so that I couldn’t believe the likes of Kate Dickie and Laura Harrier were even in the film.I suspect the intention here was to create an expressive mood piece, rather than something with a more traditional narrative, but it looks and feels like a student film, full of pretentious proclamations about the importance of art. And I agree, art is an essential ingredient for the nourishment of the soul, but that’s all the film has to say. And it just keeps saying it over and over again. Subtext be damned, the filmmakers lay it on so thick it becomes the entire plot of the film.The one saving grace for the film is Laura Harrier and her on-screen chemistry with Bria Vinaite (last seen being brilliant in The Florida Project). These two are great together, incredibly natural and believable as best friends. The scene in Caitlin’s studio where they patch things up after a falling out is the best thing in the film.After receiving a Gala World Premiere at EIFF, Balance, Not Symmetry is getting a one night only theatrical release at the start of August at various cinemas around the UK, which will be followed by a short acoustic set with Biffy Clyro, and a Q&A featuring Laura Harrier and Bria Vinaite. Beyond that, I honestly don’t know what the future holds for this film. It might find an audience via the passionate fan-base of the band, but I suspect most will just buy the album.last_img read more

“Shacking up” in Florida now legal

first_imgLaw reflects changing ideals among Caribbean-American communityGovernor Rick Scott has recently signed a bill repealing a Florida law making it illegal for couples to live together without being married. The former law has existed since 1868, but not many South Floridians, especially Caribbean Americans, were even aware of this law. In a recent CNW survey, 95 percent of Caribbean Americans admitted to not knowing it was illegal to live together out of marriage or “shacking up.”The repeal reflects changing norms in society, as rates unmarried couples living together increased. A 2014 study by the National Center for Health Statistics found more than half of women between ages 15 to 44 years cohabited with their male partners.“Rapid change in social and religious views has reflected on how people view marriage,” says Miami sociologist Nina Fallon. “More people, especially under [age] 35 are more pragmatic about their cohabitation than, say, before the 1960s. More young people rather live together to see if the relationship woks, rather than marrying and risk early divorce.”Coinciding with the National Health Center 2014 report, National Weekly found over 50 percent of Caribbean-American men and women said they were living together or in “trial marriages” with their significant others.“I really don’t see the need to rush into marriage at age 25,” says Noreen, a Kendall nurse who has been living with her 31-year old accountant boyfriend for the past three years. Expecting their first child in August, she says “You don’t even need to be married to have a baby.”Incidences of couples living together out of wedlock were less prevalent with people over 40, and contradict views expressed by younger Caribbean-Americans. Martin, a 43-year old banker of Miramar who recently married his “significant other” of 12 years, said “We were living together all these years, acquired a lot, have two children and are now born-again Christians. It’s important to live right and marry.” Martin’s wife Amanda said in her youth she had no moral problems living out of wedlock, but now “[I] think it’s a bad example for the kids as they grow older.”Pastor Mary Levitt of a Riviera Beach Pentecostal church says while her church “refuses to turn away anyone in search of salvation,” it does not condone people living together out of wedlock. The pastor says that while she understands “the world’s value system has changed, the Bible speaks strongly against fornication. Cohabiting involves sexual activities, and that’s fornication. To avoid fornication, we preach and encourage people to marry.”Miami legal aid attorney Gillian Nevers says although the old law was outdated, (a law which “technically” was a second-degree misdemeanor carrying up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine) she urges couples who live together to “know their responsibilities.” Nevers says she has dealt with several cases where people who were in unmarried relationships, “agonized about ownership of property they acquired during the relationship.”She said some people assume Florida’s joint-tenant laws automatically affect unmarried couples, but they do not.“Unmarried couples should make sure before they buy a house or other assets that they take legal steps to decide on the ownership of these assets, in case the relationship ends, or a partner dies,” says Nevers. “This is an extremely responsible action, because unlike marriage, which by law apportions property, this doesn’t relate in unmarried relationships.”last_img read more

Deadly disease combination claims thousands in Angola

first_imgRaging yellow fever and malaria outbreaks claimed more than 15 000 lives in Angola over the past year. Speaking in the capital Luanda, Luís Gomes Sambo, the health minister, disclosed there were 4.2 million cases of malaria, leading to the death of 15 000 people, coupled with a yellow fever outbreak that infected 4,159 people, with 384 deaths, that later resulted to a mortality rate of 8.3percent.Meanwhile, the country is gripped by a deadly outbreak of the ZIKA virus that has already claimed three victims, affecting a French citizen and two Angolans, who have been attended and medicated.More attention is however being given to the cholera epidemic that plagues the provinces of Zaire, Cabinda and Luanda, with 252 cases, that has resulted to 11 deaths this year so far.The cholera epidemic is attributed to incessant flooding experienced by the South African country in recent weeks. Sambo said judging by the death toll, the yellow fever and malaria, that plagued the country in 2016 had “dramatized” Angola.last_img read more

WFP decries South Sudan’s ‘man-made famine’

first_imgThe World Food Program has labelled the suffering caused by South Sudan’s famine “deplorable”, also calling it man-made.Executive Director of the U.N. World Food Programme David Beasley is reported by AP news agency to say, “Seeing innocent children and families suffer because of this man-made conflict is absolutely deplorable.”“We want to feed the hungry children and the innocent civilians,” Beasley said on Tuesday before departing for the affected area. “If you let us do our job, we’ll get it done.”South Sudan’s civil war erupted in December 2013 after President Salva Kiir accused his then-deputy Riek Machar of plotting a coup against his government. Machar denied the accusations but then went on to mobilize a rebel force to fight the government.Beasley’s visit comes just a day after President Kiir announced a unilateral ceasefire that requires all soldiers to stop attacking the rebels. Kiir also promised to release political prisoners, though no deal has been reported to have been struck with the rebels.The United Nations welcomed the prospect of a ceasefire and release of prisoners but stressed the importance of better access for peacekeepers and humanitarian workers.“The long-term peace and stability in South Sudan can only be achieved through an inclusive political process which is deemed credible by the people of South Sudan,” said Daniel Dickinson, spokesman for the U.N. mission there.Beasley said humanitarian funding could run out by October if aid workers can’t reach those in need. He called that prospect catastrophic.last_img read more

Lions club of Dominica Makes Back to School Easier for 3 students and a school

first_imgPress ReleaseFour students and one preschool will find starting the new school year much more pleasant and better equipped.The Lions Club of Dominica in its drive to ensure that as many as possible are assisted sought to do just that by painting the outside of the Canefield Preschool on August 19, 2017. The students will return to brighter atmosphere in the building which was painted a bright green, orange and a rusty red. The Principle of the School thanked the club and looked forward to a continued relationship with the Club. The Club has assisted the school on numerous occasions in the past.Four students will also return to school better prepared and ready to begin lessons. The Club continued in its presentation of the Lion Joseph Liburd Memorial Scholarship to Daniella Carriere, a student of the Goodwill Secondary School who will be entering 2nd form, while Peter Elwin is the first form recipient of the Scholarship. Assistance was also given to Ronnie George, a first form student of the Castle Bruce Secondary School and Danny Romain a first form student of the Dominica Grammar School. The Lion Joseph Liburd Memorial Scholarship is in memory of Lion Joseph Liburd, a charter member of the Lions Club of Dominica from its inception in 1968, who passed away in 2016. The Scholarship covers the cost of school text books and other supplies, uniform, and school fees while the other student was assisted with all text books and some school supplies.The Club will continue to provide assistance whenever possible and it looking forward to a productive year in anticipation on its 50th Anniversary of Service in March 2017. Share 91 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Tweet LocalNews Lions club of Dominica Makes Back to School Easier for 3 students and a school by: – September 12, 2017 Sharelast_img read more

East Coast Microwave Distributors, Inc. gets a New President and CEO.

first_imgCurrent ECM President and CEO Bruce Cooper plans to step down from that role after 24 years, to assume a non-executive Chairman position effective January 2, 2013. He will be succeeded by James Doyle, former President & CEO of XMA Corp. “We are very excited about this new chapter at ECM. Mr. Doyle shares our goals for a healthy, high performance culture at ECM and supports our ideals in the development of standards with an emphasis on excellence through communication, cooperation and commitment” – said Bruce Cooper, Founder of the company. James Doyle is an accomplished executive leader with over 19 years of experience and a proven track record of creating and executing well-targeted strategies that achieve business objectives. He Joins ECM after a successful run as President and CEO of XMA Corp. Prior to that post; he was the Congressional Affairs Liaison and Director for Emerson Embedded Computing in Washington, DC a “Fortune 100” company. James holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Boston University. For more information please visit, http:// read more

Ibu Hamil Berdiri, Penumpang Sehat Duduki Kursi Prioritas di Kereta

first_imgIlustrasi ibu hamil yang duduk di kursi prioritas (The Pool) Kursi prioritas sebenarnya dikhususkan untuk ibu hamil, lansia dan penyandang disabilitas. Kursi ini bisa di temukan dalam kereta commuter (KRL) bahkan di di dalam bus. Di Jakarta, kursi proritas yang ada di angkutan umum ini jika di KRL maupun di bus TransJakarta berada di dekat pintu.Baca juga: Wanita Hamil Viralkan Video di MRT dan Jadi Bahan Pembicaraan Netizen SingapuraHal ini untuk memudahkan penumpang prioritas mendapatkan tempat duduk mereka. Baru-baru ini di Brisbane beredar foto dimana penumpang yang sehat menduduki kursi prioritas sedangkan ada orang tua dan ibu hamil yang membutuhkan kursi tersebut. melansir dari laman (14/3/2018), seorang penumpang Rail Queensland, Jayda Chapman, sedang hamil memfoto para penumpang yang duduk di kursi prioritas dan mengunggahnya ke laman Facebook. “Tidak ada yang lebih buruk saat hamil 27 minggu dan bahkan saat bertemu dengan petugas kereta api Queensland tidak memberikan kursi yang ditujukan untuk wanita hamil, lansia dan penyandang disabilitas. Betapa tidak sopan duduk di sana bersama pasangannya saat saya sendiri seorang wanita hamil dan orang tua berdiri!! Itu sangat salah!!,” unggah Chapman di halaman Facebooknya.Penumpang yang duduk di kursi prioritas ( juga mengambil foto seorang wanita yang duduk di kursi prioritas dengan tas tangannya serta mouse sembari memainkan laptopnya. Menurut Chapman itu sangatlah mengerikan ketika dirinya harus berdiri, setelah lelah bekerja di kantor dan kaki bengkak di penghujung hari. Saat itu dirinya hanya ingin duduk dan kereta penuh serta tergeser sana sini.“Memiliki rasa hormat dan melihat sekeliling Anda, saya pikir karena saya hamil, maka saya lebih butuh kursi itu dibandingkan orang-orang lain. Ini benar-benar menganggu saya. Terkadang saya bertanya kepada orang yang duduk apakah keberatan memberi saya duduk. Beberapa dari mereka melihat seperti mengatakan betapa tidak sopannya Anda,” ujar Chapman.Dia mengatakan, bila berdiri sungguh tidak nyaman karena kehamilannya apalagi menggantungkan tangan dan punggung akan terasa begitu sakit. Namun, tetap saja penumpang lain tidak menggubris dan berpikir sama saja tanpa mmberi duduk.“Saya hanya ingin membuat mereka sadar ini tidak dapat di terima. Wanita yang membawa anak, orang tua dan ibu hamil, ini cukup sulit dan mereka yang lai tidak peduli sama sekali,” tuturnya.Karena adanya unggahan dan cerita yang dituliskan Chapman tersebut, Chief Executive Officer Queensland Rail, Nick Easy mengatakan, kecewa mendengar pertemuan Chapman dengan petugas QR dan meminta maaf dengan tulus atas hal tersebut.“Ini tentunya bukan standar etiket yang kami harapkan dari para karyawan kami. Kami akan mengambil langkah yang tepat untuk menegaskan kembali standar yang kami miliki kepada karyawan,” ujar Easy.Baca juga: Teganya Penumpang Kereta Bikin Seorang Ibu Menyusui Sambil BerdiriSeorang juru bicara QR mengatakan, dua foto yang di ambil Chapman merupakan kursi prioritas yang paling dekat dengan pintu keluar kereta.“Tempat duduk prioritas disediakan di semua kereta api Queensland Rail dan kami meminta agar orang-orang memperhatikan lingkungan mereka serta mengosongkan kursi tersebut untuk sesama penumpang baik itu lansia, ibu hamil, ibu membawa anak ataupun penyandang disabilitas,” jelasnya.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedBeberapa Lansia Justru Tak Ingin Duduk di Kereta Komuter, Ini Alasannya!21/01/2019In “Darat”Sibuk dengan Laptop, Penumpang Wanita dengan Kruk Terpaksa Berdiri di Kereta Komuter05/10/2019In “Darat”Wanita Hamil Viralkan Video di MRT dan Jadi Bahan Pembicaraan Netizen Singapura30/10/2017In “Darat”last_img read more

The 4 teams that will qualify for the Champions League semi-final

first_imgSo, the much anticipated draw for the quarter-final of the Champions League have been made.Here is a quick recap of the four tasty fixtures you can look forward to:Leicester City vs AtleticoDortmund vs MonacoBayern vs Real MadridJuventus vs BarcelonaBut, if I was to stick out my neck, these would be the semi-finalists by the time the two legs are played.Atletico Madrid: I’d go for Diego Simeone’s men, wholly based on their pedigree in Europe. They have been unlucky to lose in two of the last three finals – both to Real Madrid. I’d expect them to see off Leicester City, although it might be a tough one.Monaco: Thomas Tuchel’s Borussia Dortmund have not been too convincing for me. In my opinion, they barely made it through to this stage, steamrollering over Benfica who fell like a pack of cards at the Signal Iduna. On the other hand, Monaco is possibly the most thrilling side left in this competition.Bayern Munich: It is not even about the 10-2 aggregate against Arsenal that brought them into the last eight. But Bayern Munich look a much more superior unit to Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid, who appeared to have lost some chutzpah, after their unbeaten run ended earlier this year.Barcelona: Purely because they will be playing the second leg at the Camp Nou. You remember what happened the last time a knockout tie was played there, right? Juventus are flat-track bullies in Serie A, but I think Lionel Messi and co will put them to the sword.last_img read more

Kent State Kicks Off 2017 Season with Blowout Loss to Clemson

first_img NEO College FB Staff Related TopicsClemson TigersKent State Golden Flashes By: Dan LukasThe Golden Flashes began their 2017 campaign with a very difficult game against the reigning champs, the Clemson Tigers. From the start the Tigers took complete control of the game and were able to run away with it for a 56-3 victory. This was obviously going to be a difficult game for the Golden Flashes, not just because of the matchup, but being without Head Coach Paul Haynes, who is currently on a medical leave.The Tigers scored on their first drive of the game, courtesy of a C.J. Fuller 26-yard run, and never looked back. The Tigers then scored on their next two drives, to open up a 21-point lead in the 1st Quarter. Kent State was then able to muster up its best drive of the day behind the strong running of quarterback Nick Holley and running back Myles Washington. Kent State was able to get the ball down to the Clemson 20-yard line, before having to settle for a field goal, their only points of the game. After the field goal the Kent State defense was able to slow down Clemson on their next two drives, first forcing a punt, then getting an interception in the red zone courtesy of senior safety Quan Robinson Jr. Unfortunately, the strong defense didn’t last long as Clemson was able to score again on their next drive and take a 28-3 lead into the half.The second half was not kind to the Golden Flashes as Clemson really began to assert its dominance on both sides of the ball. The Clemson defense forced punts on all six drives for the Golden Flashes in the second half and expanded their lead to 56-3, getting touchdowns from seven different Tiger players. Kent State was greatly overmatched in this game and the score and the stats reflect it. Kent State was only able to accumulate 120 yards of total offense and only 1 yard through the air. Kent State ran with ten different players but none of them were able to find any success. Quarterback Nick Holley led the way rushing with 53 yards on ten carries. Kent State will look to bounce back next Saturday in their home opener against the Howard University Bison. last_img read more

Top teams meet in Intercol netball semis

first_imgAFTER a dominant season so far, the unbeaten University of West Indies ‘A’ netball team will be hoping to continue that trend today when they go up against the University of Technology (UTech), in semi-final action of the Intercol netball competition at The Mico University College, starting at 5:45 p.m. Defending champions, Mico A’ will face G.C. Foster College ‘A’ at 4:30 p.m. in the other semi-final. UWI ‘A’, which started the season as the favourites for the title, will be hoping to secure safe passage to Saturday’s senior final as they continue their hunt for their first title in five years.After being knocked out by the Shanice Beckford-led UTech team at the semi-finals stage of the opening rally earlier this season, UWI exacted revenge with an impressive win over their opponents in the preliminary round of the senior league and are widely expected to again overpower their opponents today and take their place in the championship match. DOUBLE THREAT Beckford, along with her national senior partner Jodi-Ann Ward, will pose a threat to the UWI backline, but despite their abilities, they will have difficulty against the experienced Shamera Sterling and Latanya Wilson in the UWI defence, as the Pelicans go in search of a seventh straight win.A close affair is expected in the encounter between many-time champions Mico ‘A’ and G.C. Foster College ‘A’, with Mico, which have won the title seven times in the last nine years, looking to book their spot in the final and spring a surprise there. With national senior representatives Jhaniele Fowler and Kadie Ann Dehaney out for this season and a new-look squad charged with continuing the team’s rich legacy, Mico have been found wanting this season, already losing twice. It is the first time in four years that they have suffered two losses in a campaign, as they were beaten at home by four goals by G.C. Foster before losing by 10 goals away to UWI.However, Mico will be hoping that Mischa Creary and Crystal Crawford, who both competed on the weekend for their respective club teams at the Florida Netball Classics, will be able to help power them to another final.Meanwhile, the Intermediate semi-finals are also on today, with Moneague Teachers’ College battling with UWI ‘B’ at 2:30 p.m. while defending champions, Mico ‘B’ will square off against G.C. Foster College ‘B’ at 3:30 p.m.last_img read more

Report: SGS Female Football 3 – Solihull College 2 – ESFA Cup final

first_imgGoals from Holly Reed and double from Rhianne Oakley were enough to secure the victory.Reed’s goals gave SGS the lead, before Solihull equalised before the break. Immediately after the break, Oakley slotted home, before Solihull equalised soon after which was typical of this end-to-end encounter.The game looked set for extra-time, until Oakley’s 96th minute winner ensured bedlam ensued on the pitch, in the dugout and in the stands.Everyone at the club would like to congratulate James Thomas and the team on this magnificent achievement.City Women face Manchester City on Sunday, March 25th. Tickets are available here.last_img read more

PNGFA names youth coaches

first_imgSoccer The Papua New Guinea Football Association (PNGFA) has appointed Mauri Wasi and Harrison Kamake as the Papua New Guinea U-16 and U-19 coaches respectively. Wasi, a former international and a very successful footballer during his playing days managed to transfer is successful run in his coaching career recently as he rose to vital coaching roles in PNG. After making the move to New Zealand 12 years ago, Wasi has been involved in football both as a player and a coach, but as his knowledge for game has developed, the latter has become his new passion. “I’ve been playing but also involved in coaching for the last six years and I’ve been really getting in to it. I’m really enjoying coaching so I want to see if I can go far with that and if I’m good enough,” he said. “Firstly just to get the opportunity and be considered is humbling and a privileged for me.” “I played for the national team for 14 years and I really enjoyed my time but now I want use my experience to help my country,” he said. Wasi is currently the head coach of Madang Football Club in the National Soccer League, the Papua New Guinea premier competition. He will also lead Madang at the OFC Champions’ League Group B match in New Zealand this week. Wasi is more eager than ever to contribute to his country’s football development after witnessing the recent achievements that have resulted from the Papua New Guinea football community’s hard work and determination. “I’ve been in the game for a very long time and in my time we’ve never come this far,” he said. “By getting involved and working with the younger players coming through, our nation has reached a new level. I’d like to thank PNGFA for giving me the opportunity to lead my country’s next crop of fooball talents. It’s a huge honor and privileged as not many people get to do that. My goal now is to qualify the U-16 men’s national team to the FIFA U17 World Cup.”last_img read more

Instead of F1 races in America, there will be three more…

first_imgThe management of the Formula 1 series canceled all four races planned on the American continent due to coronavirus and instead added three more events in Europe to the calendar. Instead of the Grand Prix in Canada, the USA, Mexico and Brazil, this year it will take place in Imola, at the Nürburgring and for the first time on the circuit in Portimão, Portugal.last_img

Lithuanian star Sabonis has left Orlando and may not play this…

first_imgHasan Whiteside and Domant Sabonis Photo: APDomants Sabonis, one of the leaders of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) team “Pacers” in India, has left Disneyland in Orlando because he will undergo medical examinations.Sabonis, 24, was injured in his left foot. Media ESPN reports that Lithuanians have plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the foot tissue, so he had to leave the NBA “bubble” to get medical help.Sabonis hopes to be able to return to Orlando and play with all injuries, but there is also a possibility that he will not be on the field this season, according to sources close to the situation, the “disqualified” victim has just reported. insaideris Adrian Vodzhnarovsky.The son of the legendary Arvīds Sabonis already fought with various micro-injuries during the season, but in spite of them he went on the field and spent the best season of his career. The Lithuanian averaged 18.5 points, 12.4 rebounds and 5.0 assists in 62 matches (all in the main line-up).“Pacers” in the continuation of the season can therefore be left without both leaders – Sabonis and Viktor Oladipo. The second, having changed his mind several times, has announced that he will still play, but if Sabonis drops out, Oladipo will probably also think about whether to continue playing this season.The NBA season’s “restart” is scheduled for July 31, the play-off matches will begin on August 17, and the season will end in the first half of October. The 22 teams will each play eight more matches, followed, if necessary, by a “play-in” competition for the eighth and ninth place owners, as well as a “play-off” in the classic format.Clubs are currently conducting intensive test matches.last_img read more

3×3 World Cup: “Riga” in Debrecen enters the semifinals of the…

first_imgLatvia’s best 3×3 basketball team “Riga” – Agnis Čavars, Edgars Krūmiņš, Kārlis Lasmanis and Nauris Miezis – in the Hungarian city of Debrecen in the first quarter quarter final of the 2020 World Tour beat the Austrian team “Graz” in a tense fight with 21:18. In the semi-finals at 18:35 Riga time, the Latvians will play with the Lithuanian team “Utena”, which beat the Amsterdam team with 18:16.In the quarterfinals, “Liman” – “Piran” 21: 9, “NY Harlem” – “Novi Sad” 12:21.The final game is scheduled for 19:30.Video streams, calendar and results of the games: Saturday in the group tournament “Riga” with 20: 9 won the Tallinn team and with 21:14 – the Slovenian team “Piran”, securing the 1st place in group C.“Riga” was placed with the 3rd number in the tournament. The world’s elite teams Liman (1st), Novi Sad (2nd; both Serbia), NY Harlem (4th US), Šakiai (5th Lithuania), Piran ( 6; Slovenia), Amsterdam (7; Netherlands), Humpolec (8; Czech Republic), as well as Graz (9, Austria), Debrecen (10; Hungary), Tallinn (11; Estonia) and Utena (12; Lithuania).last_img read more